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As an Optimizely Solution Partner, we combine technology and years of expertise to design unique digital experiences for your customers through A/B testing and onsite personalisation.

Up Reply - Your Optimizely Solution Partner

Over the years, Optimizely has established itself as one of the leading providers in the field of digital experience optimisation. Since 2018, our company has successfully implemented onsite digital commerce projects for clients like Sky and METRO Digital. You can rely on the expertise of our team, consisting of 10 certified consultants and developers. Our years of experience in the implementation of complex features with Optimizely and our award as Optimizely Solution Partner ensure that we are always up to date when it comes to new features and improvements by Optimizely.

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Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Read what some of our renowned partners, such as Sky and Metro Digital, have to say about our collaboration:

We Support You in all Phases of Experimentation

When it comes to digital experimentation, the journey is just as important as the destination. It requires careful planning, implementation, and analysis. From conception to implementation and beyond - we're by your side every step of the way to ensure your experiments are not only executed, but also optimised and deliver the desired results.

Strategy Consulting & Processes

A culture of experimentation anchors data-based decisions and continuous testing within the company. We provide strategic advice on the implementation of large experimentation programmes and support with data-driven ideas and concepts for sustainable growth.

Onboarding & Training Courses

Our technical and business-oriented onboarding sessions for A/B tests lay the foundation for successful optimisation programmes. We also strengthen your team: from idea workshops and hypothesis training to the interpretation of results and utilisation of tools.

Ongoing Managed Services

We provide ongoing support in building your experimentation programme and increasing your conversion rates, advising on strategies and concepts, developing A/B tests and personalisation campaigns and interpreting results for future iterations.

A/B Testing and Personalisation with Optimizely: What Do I Need and How Do I Start

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Why Optimizely Is the Best Choice for Us for Experimentation

Optimizely has proven to be a reliable partner not only for personalisation, but especially for A/B testing. Here is why Optimizely is one of our preferred solutions.

Optimizely allows you to target users based on technology stack, real-time behaviour and third party data (e.g. data layer, CDP).

Within the platform, you can track the results of your experiments in real time, quickly identify trends and make data-driven decisions.

Optimizely provides statistical analysis of your experiments and helps you determine when results are statistically significant and when you can select a winning variant.

Get accelerated results thanks to the Optimizely Stats Engine, which provides automated analytics for quick insights.

Optimizely provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows marketers, designers, and developers to create and manage experiments without needing extensive technical knowledge.

Large-scale your A/B Testing program. Optimizely is designed on both the frontend and backend to manage a large number of experiments simultaneously without overloading the system.

Optimizely can be integrated client-side or server-side and offers seamlessly integrations with various analytics, marketing automation and CRM platforms to align your experiments with broader marketing and analytics strategies.

Insights Into the Optimizely Backend

Optimizely Is Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

For five years in a row, Gartner has confirmed Optimizely's outstanding position in the digital experience space: the renowned research and advisory firm has once again ranked Optimizely as a Leader in the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) segment. This continued confidence underscores Optimizely's quality, innovation and reliability as a leader in the digital space.

Successes That Speak for Themselves: A Look at Our Work

We are proud to have proven our expertise in a wide range of projects and to have created real added value for our clients. Read the inspiring success stories of the brands and companies we have successfully worked with.

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