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Unleash your full e-commerce potential with us through tested and personalised experiences with utmost flexibility, fast implementation and proven success.

Up Reply - Your Dynamic Yield Solution Partner

Up Reply has established itself as a reliable Dynamic Yield Solution Partner. For which we received the Partner Excellence Award in 2023. Our certified team focuses on a unique combination of strategic vision and data-driven expertise.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary competence in the areas of user experience, conversion rate optimisation and technical development, we offer customised solutions for your requirements. Our years of experience in e-commerce enable us to significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your online presence.

Leading Brands and Dynamic Yield Rely on Us

We are proud to have helped numerous e-commerce companies to success through our services, such as C&A as well as other well-known and internationally operating companies from the fashion industry.

Our Strategies for Success in E-commerce Personalisation with Dynamic Yield

Personalisation in e-commerce is not just a trend, but a crucial strategy to stand out from the competition and retain customers in the long-term. By using Dynamic Yield, we have developed innovative approaches to personalise and optimise your customers' shopping experience.

Personalisation and conversion optimisation are not a project, but a process. Exploit together with us the whole potential of Dynamic Yield. We establish the process with your teams and stakeholders and ensure alignment with your business goals.

With personalised product suggestions, you reduce bounce rates, increase conversion and average order value (AOV). But there is no "one for all" strategy.

Together, we develop tactics and strategies to help customers add and purchase more appropriate items to their shopping cart. Our focus is on achieving the optimal balance between conversion and average order value (AOV).

The checkout is the area where the biggest losses occur due to page exits, but also where the biggest opportunity costs are incurred. We identify testable use cases to optimise the checkout for higher conversion rate, higher average order value (AOV) and higher margin.

Customers have individual needs. With Dynamic Yield, we segment customers according to their interests, willingness to buy, and behavior, and automate personalised playouts.

The more we know about customer preferences, the better we can personalise otherwise static experiences, like a category page. Increase conversion rates and push higher margin products.

If visitors do not consent to tracking, the potential for testing and personalisation is reduced. With the right implementation and strategy, we can still create situationally personalised experiences and tests.

With Dynamic Yield, we can roll out and personalise all creative content and campaigns on a scheduled basis (e.g. for Black Friday) or make them visible only to specific target groups.

Insights into the Dynamic Yield Backend

How to Start Your E-commerce Personalisation with Dynamic Yield

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We help you to be successful with Dynamic Yield

Up Reply is your partner for growth and optimisation in e-commerce. We specialise in leveraging Dynamic Yield to accelerate your digital commerce through tailored strategy consulting, comprehensive onboarding and ongoing managed services. Together, we address your individual challenges and issues, designing a personalised experience that delights your customers and maximises your ROI.

Strategy Consulting

A solid strategic foundation is the key to success. Our strategy consulting helps you understand your current market position and make the best use of personalisation. Together, we develop a roadmap for the effective use of Dynamic Yield.

Onboarding & Training

We ensure a smooth and successful integration of Dynamic Yield into your system landscape. We take care of technical aspects, from integration to configuration of your platform, and train your team for success.

Ongoing Managed Services

Our full-service offering includes everything from idea generation to ongoing and operational implementation. We make data insights understandable and deliver actionable insights and uplifts.

Dynamic Yield is a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

Dynamic Yield has been recognised as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Personalisation Engines for the sixth consecutive year, ranking highest among its competitors. The company also leads in customer-rated categories.

Successes That Speak for Themselves: A Look at Our Work

Our experience is reflected in a large number of projects in which we continuously create added value. Read the inspiring success stories of the brands and companies that have worked with us.

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