C&A: Increased Sales through a Targeted Onsite Personalisation Strategy for E-commerce

For C&A, we optimized the customer journey for web and app through targeted personalization and the use of Dynamic Yield.

For C&A, the focus is on creating an individualised shopping experience. A personalisation strategy is intended to increase purchase frequency and sustainably enhance customer engagement.

The Challenge

Defining a Personalisation Strategy Involving the Entire Team

Before we started working with C&A’s headquarter in Germany, the company was looking for ways to optimise its governance and structure to efficiently integrate a personalisation strategy. Together we developed a future-proof strategy. Here, the Dynamic Yield personalisation platform proved crucial in enabling C&A to provide customers with relevant and tailored experiences in real time.

A major concern was to actively involve the majority of C&A’s employees in the process. This was to ensure that personalisation was seamlessly integrated into different departments of the company and was seen as a fundamental aspect of C&A's overall online business strategy.

The Solution

Setting Up a Concrete Structure for Personalisation and Distribution of Roles.

By establishing strong basic structures, we created a solid foundation for the personalisation strategy. A cornerstone was the implementation of Dynamic Yield, which enables C&A to precisely tailor content and offers to the individual preferences of its customers. Secondly, a "Centre of Excellence" was set up, in which roles and responsibilities were systematically distributed. This ensured that the personalisation strategy was implemented seamlessly and in a targeted manner.

In a next step, the customer journey was adapted to the behaviour of customer loyalty. Targeted personalisation was intended to increase purchase frequency and customer engagement.

In the future, it is planned to extend personalisation to the C&A app in order to create a customised shopping experience here as well.

In our collaboration with C&A, we focus particularly on the use of automation solutions. These innovations in various business areas were aimed at increasing the average order value (AOV) and significantly reducing the return rate. In addition, we automate marketing campaigns and progress the internationalisation of the personalisation strategy to unlock new growth potential.

Our Approach

From Customer Journey Matrix to Strategy

In order to create a personalisation strategy for the company, we developed a Customer Journey Matrix showing the different stages in detail. The matrix allowed us to best tailor the strategy to the different stages and showed the importance of personalisation:

It inspires customers who originally visited the website without a specific purchase intention, supports them in product research and selection, and highlights the value of personalised product recommendations during the checkout process. Our matrix has thus become an essential tool for planning targeted interventions along the entire customer journey.

In addition, we created templates for different campaigns using Dynamic Yield, which made it possible to unify personalisation during the entire customer journey.

To support all these measures, we used continuous A/B tests to evaluate which products or recommendations are relevant for customers.

Together we also developed a sample concept for personalised product recommendations along the customer life cycle with further recommendations for baby clothes.

In the fictitious use case, we started optimizing the customer journey by determining the age of the child based on the clothes purchased. In the next 6 months, the strategy is to recommend the next product to the customer that fits the child's growth.

Two years later, clothes that match the child's age can be suggested again. In this way, the customer will always receive recommendations that are relevant to them and will be encouraged to place an order again.

To provide customers with personalised image teasers on the website, we use profiles to identify their preferences and information from previous purchases for newborn, infant and maternity wear. To further personalise the shopping experience, Dynamic Yield's AdaptML algorithm will be used for product recommendations and banner ads.

The Result

Increase in Sales Thanks to a Targeted Personalisation Strategy

Thanks to our expertise, C&A achieved a forecast sales increase of 2.5% through targeted personalization measures, which is a very good result for the current situation in fashion e-commerce. Further increases can be expected in the medium to long term due to the expansion of personalization. It became clear how essential a coherent strategy is for sustainable business effects.

Content and promotions should go hand in hand to create optimal usage scenarios and take full advantage of opportunities. In our cooperation, we implemented a comprehensive personalisation strategy that accompanies customers throughout their entire journey.

The established German fashion company C&A stands for timeless fashion in best quality and at affordable prices. With 1,300 fashion stores in 17 European countries, the company has become a popular destination for fashion enthusiasts. Its 27,000 dedicated employees form the centrepiece of this success story. C&A.com represents the brand's flagship store, transferring the world of timeless fashion into the digital age. The online shop features user-friendly shopping, inspiring customers and helping them find the most suitable outfits that underline their personality and meet their needs.

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